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Rise and shine

March 29, 2022

Two years ago, at very short notice, the Credit Union office shut its doors and staff said a brief goodbye. Lockdown had started, but we all expected to see each other again in a month, maybe two at most. “They won’t shut the economy down for long, surely.” I can still clearly remember saying.

Roll forward two years and that turned out to be the sort of misjudged prediction that only a weather forecaster could be proud of.

How times have changed!

The staff have become used to working from home, enjoying not having to commute each day (though maybe not so much the rising cost of electricity).

We’ve developed a modern approach to the credit union service, symbolised by a new, more secure, more interactive website.

Antiquated loan rules have been removed to give our borrowers full access to their savings.

We even changed our name.

And certainly, like the rest of the country, we gained a new-found respect and appreciation for those of you who weren’t able to work from home, yet continued to work so hard to stock the shelves and keep us fed during such worrying times.

Still a reliable helping hand

What didn’t change during these times was the support Keep Credit Union has provided to our members. A reliable service, easy savings and affordable loans, ready for when you need us – to pay that unexpected bill, to enjoy special occasions with the family, or to treat yourself to a little luxury.

So we are delighted by the consistent feedback from members which confirms strongly favourable opinions of our reliability and trustworthiness. That’s exactly what we aim for – a steady helping hand that is particularly reassuring during such uncertain, stressful times. We don’t try to be flamboyant or steal the limelight, it’s a steady, smooth, simple service that has been tailored and proven over many years to meet the needs of our members – employees of the Co-operative.

Keep moving forward

Now – with fingers firmly crossed given the rather over-optimistic prediction made two years ago – it looks as if we can begin to look forward with more confidence. Worries remain of course, if nothing else the pandemic has reminded us all of the fragility of life. But that shouldn’t necessarily be a negative. Instead, it’s a chance to re-think our future, to make the best of life and to enjoy as much time as possible with friends and family, doing the things we love.

Keep Credit Union will endeavour to support all our members to live healthily and happily, in whatever way you choose, so that we all get a fair chance to rise and shine.