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Keep Driving Forward – top tips for reducing fuel costs

July 17, 2022

In a time of rapidly rising fuel costs and inflation, there are many ways to cut motoring expenses. Here are a few that we found most interesting:

Drive smoothly, avoid fierce acceleration and harsh braking.

• Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. Tyres at the right setting will last longer while underinflated tyres use up more fuel.

Empty your boot and remove unnecessary equipment. Extra weight means the engine has to work harder, thereby increasing fuel consumption

Remember one simple rule – when you put your foot on the accelerator, the harder you press, the more fuel you use.



Saving for the future with purpose

Much of the advice is simply planning ahead, preparing for long journeys to avoid unnecessary expense – seeking out supermarket fuel near the motorway instead of using expensive services for example.

That same advice applies equally well to saving.

The Keep Credit Union service revolves around the simple, traditional, yet deeply effective practice of careful budgeting – tucking a little away regularly, building up a pot of funds ready for when you need them. Planning ahead so that you can cope better with any bumps in the road.

Much like preparing your car for a long journey, our savings account can give peace of mind and help ward off financial headaches caused by unexpected emergencies or paying for important future events.

Our Members Agree

85% of members agree that saving with Keep has helped them save more than they did before they joined.
Various studies have shown that people save more when they earmark their savings, creating “pots” for specific purposes. Well over two thirds of our members use their account to cover emergencies or to successfully save for their own goals – Christmas, holiday savings, club membership or school costs are a few of the common examples.

So perhaps you have a special family occasion up ahead? A son or daughter heading to university? Maybe you want to install a home charging station for your electric car? With our simple salary savings and low cost loans Keep can support you, whatever your targets.

Near or far, we wish you all safe and happy travels this year.

For more detailed motoring advice visit: Which – Money Saving Tips

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