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Keep Growing – Health and happiness at home

July 27, 2022

Gardens and green spaces are associated with better physical, social and mental health. Gardening helps burn calories, but the benefits of being in the garden run much deeper than just exercise. It can reduce anxiety in young and old alike, so much so that GP’s have even started prescribing it. Here are a few reasons why:

          Sunlight and fresh air can actually improve your mood and boost your vitamin D

          Being in touch with nature can help you feel more removed from the stresses of daily life

          The beauty of nature is a great stress reliever in itself, a place for relaxation and contemplation.

Many people connected with nature during the months of lockdown.  We relished the allotted one hour walks in the open-air as an escape from the stressful feeling of claustrophobia that quickly developed while being shut in and unable to meet friends and family.

The absence of modern day distractions like shops, restaurants and cinemas perhaps gave us a chance to reflect on a simpler, less busy lifestyle and to really appreciate the things that matter most closer to home.

Our local environments have become more noticeable and more special to us than before, whether a large orchard, a small front garden,  a balcony, or simply indoor pot plants, .  Unexpected, forgotten pleasure can be found in watching the birds on a peanut feeder, or from growing plants from seed, or from watching the children recreate the cup final – though less so when you discover they’ve been playing in the rain, turning the once lush, green lawn into a muddy lunar landscape!

Over 80% of our members agree that membership of Keep helps them feel happier, reassured by managing their money with confidence and being able to afford luxuries such as home improvements free from financial stress.

So if you’re now keen to develop your home and garden, to support a new found love for gardening or DIY,  Keep Credit Union savings accounts and loans are ideal for covering any extra costs.  Our members regularly use their savings for hobbies and little luxuries.  But if savings are stretched, or earmarked for another occasion, then borrow with the confidence that our simple, reliable loan service is affordable, fair and easy to manage through payroll deduction.

Gardens and gardening benefit the mind, body and spirit. So there’s never been a better time to pick up that trowel and get growing!

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