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Members can play an even bigger role, as volunteers

February 16, 2023

If you’re already a member of the most established credit union for co-operative and retail employees in the UK, then you probably know your credit union is owned and run by members just like you. Who are these members making decisions and setting the direction of your Keep Credit Union?

They’re known as volunteers, and they play an integral role in designing our success. We’re seeing more demand than ever for the straightforward savings and competitive loan products that are easily accessed and managed through Keep. That’s why we’re looking for active volunteers to help us keep things running well.

By giving just a few hours per month of your time, you’ll gain a lot in return.

You don’t need any special qualifications to become a volunteer. Willingness to get involved, enthusiasm to make a difference, and the ability to put forward your views and opinions articulately are advantages. Whatever your skillset and ambition, there’s a role for every Keep member willing to become a volunteer! We’ll provide training if you want it, and support will always be on hand to you from other volunteers.

Learn more about the co-operative credit union movement and get to know an enthusiastic and friendly group of caring, likeminded people.

You’ll be part of the decision-making process at board meetings. If you wish, you can seek election to join our board and attend all-expenses-paid training workshops, gaining skills that add great value to your CV.

You may choose to play an active role at your workplace, encouraging colleagues to become members by talking to them about the many benefits of Keep.

We value all our volunteers and strive to ensure you feel rewarded and fulfilled when you decide to play an even bigger role in Keep Credit Union.

If you’re interested in helping us keep going, keep growing and keep succeeding, let us know you’re eager to volunteer. We’ll have a conversation about your role but won’t hold you to any commitment at this stage. Your interest is very much appreciated!

Call 0141 222 2259 or email for more info.