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Keep Looking Forward to 2024

December 5, 2023

9 out of 10 members believe Keep C U helps them feel more confident in managing their money


The year is coming to an end, and we hope you’ve had a great one, free from stress and financial worries.

With the high cost of living, managing your money can be challenging. Christmas celebrations leave happy family memories, but the expenses don’t stop as we head into the new year.

But don’t worry, Keep is here to give you a helping hand! From budgeting and solving unexpected emergencies through to planning ahead for future expenses such as holidays, we’ve got you covered.

Keep Control – Take Charge of Your Finances with Keep Credit Union!

We understand the challenges of managing your budget. From the stress of the pandemic to the rising costs of everyday expenses and utility bills, we know how important it is to stay in control. At Keep Credit Union, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges and manage your money with confidence.

Let us remind you of the exclusive benefits available to our valued members:

Reliable, Instant Access Savings

Our secure website and mobile app provide 24/7 access to your savings. With quick transfers, usually within 24 hours, you can count on us whenever you need financial support. We encourage members to avoid regular withdrawals and to build up their savings, but there are no fees or limitations for accessing your funds, they are there for you whenever you need them.

Affordable Loans

Unlike most other credit unions, we do not secure savings against your loan balance. Borrow with confidence from Keep – confidence that our loan rates are competitive, much lower than our nearest competitor and  the confidence that access to your savings will remain unrestricted.

It’s a fresh approach that meets the demands of a modern day family budget.  We have no desire to restrict access to savings and burden our members with high loan interest rates.  So apply for the amount you need and we will do our best to assist without imposing high charges or confusing terms and conditions that can extend the reliance on credit.

Co-operation and Understanding

The credit union is run by members just like you! That means our Directors are best placed to act in your best interests and to understand your circumstances.  Most importantly, the members own the Credit Union.  There are no outside shareholders to swallow up the profits, instead profit is used to improve the service or returned to the members by dividend.   We didn’t pay a dividend in 2023, but we thank our members for their understanding that financial times are hard and we are confident that we will be able to reward that loyalty with a new dividend in March.

At Keep Credit Union, we pride ourselves on our modern approach to meeting the demands of today’s family budgets. We have no desire to restrict your financial freedom; instead, we’re here to remove obstacles and empower you to achieve your goals.