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When you need to borrow, we keep it simple. Quick approvals, loans at low rates. Repay with ease, straight from payroll.


Worry-free borrowing, because you’re one of us. Thoughtful assessment and timely approvals so you can get money quickly. Monthly payments made easy, direct from payroll. Keep to your budget while you build up your credit rating. As a member and owner, you qualify for loan interest rebates, too.

Borrow without worry:

  • low cost, fair and hassle-free loans
  • affordable payments straight from salary
  • apply online, approved online
  • free membership, no annual fee
  • Handy calculator to see what you’ll pay back

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Got a question?
Here’s some answers that might help.

Must I continue to save, while repaying a loan?

Yes, we encourage all members to keep up regular savings of at least £5 per month, in addition to making loan repayments. This way, your savings build up while you repay your loan so you have money available once it’s repaid. This savings habit helps all our members avoid reliance on credit and provides more options for smart money management in future.

What happens if I’m struggling to repay?

If you’re having trouble getting by on your pay because of the deductions for saving and loan repayment, please talk to us as early on as possible. We’ll work with you to find a solution. You don’t need to go through your employer; you can reach out directly to us. It’s really important that you’re upfront and honest about your circumstances and stay in touch with us. Being open will give us the best possible chance of helping you manage your finances, build long-lasting, good money habits and build a strong credit score, so you continue to work towards your financial goals and enjoy peace of mind into the future.

How many applications can I make?

Frequent applications can hurt your credit rating, so our recommendation is that members wait at least three months between submitting loan applications. And we seldom approve more than three loans per year. But we’re people who want to help our members however we can, and we recognise that unexpected emergencies arise; we’ll always evaluate your application based on your personal needs and circumstances and do what we can.

Can I access my savings while I have a loan?

Yes. We give our members as much choice as possible when managing their money, so borrowers only need to keep in their savings account enough to cover one loan repayment, plus £1.

Does the loan get added to my wages?

No. When you’re approved for a loan, we send the full loan amount to you by transfer into your bank account. Your repayments are taken directly from your salary so your loan is repaid manageably and consistently over time, and, for as long as you remain an employee, you never have to worry that you might forget or miss a payment.

Will I pay more interest because I am a new member?

No way. All members are treated equally and fairly.

Are there any loan advance admin charges or early settlement fees?

No. We don’t agree with hidden charges such as arrangement or early settlement fees. No additional interest would be charged once the loan is cleared. And we never demand extra payment to cover legal costs or administration fees for issuing the loan.

Can I get a loan if I’ve had credit problems in the past?

All applications are assessed individually and based on your ability to repay. We look at more than just your credit reference; we consider your length of service and your current income and expenditure. If your first application isn’t approved, we’ll advise you to continue to save regularly from payroll to build up your savings balance and improve your credit rating.

How likely is it that my loan application will be approved?

We lend responsibly, while considering each member’s needs with care. So we can look at more than just numbers and take your individual situation into account. We assess each application based on your ability to repay and consider your length of service and your current income and expenditure. In cases where we can’t approve the full amount applied for, we may be able to offer you a lesser amount. And if you’re unsuccessful, we’ll work with you to improve your credit rating with us and make future applications more likely to be approved.

How much can I apply for?

Unlike many credit unions, we have no restrictions on the amount you can apply for, up to our £10,000 cap. Your savings balance does not limit the amount you can apply for.

When can I apply for a loan?

Keep Credit Union members, even new members, can apply for a loan anytime. There’s no requirement to save for a certain amount of time. We consider all applications using an individual assessment of ability to repay, but new employees should note that it is unlikely a loan would be approved within six months of starting work.