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Keep tucking it away.

Routine, easy, automatic, a little at a time. Surprise. You have just what you need.


Surprisingly easy. Choose an amount, whatever seems manageable, to lift from your payslip. Quietly, consistently, that little bit is set aside each pay period just for you. Before you know it, you’ve got the savings you need – for home improvements, a holiday, any dream big or small.

Reasons to keep saving

  • free to join, no annual fee
  • save straight from your salary
  • access and manage accounts online, 24/7
  • membership means you're an owner: share in the annual profits, vote in the AGM
  • your funds are secure, regulated and covered

Got a question?
Here’s some answers that might help.

Is my money safe?

Yes. All savings up to £85,000 are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, just like the banks. In the very unlikely event of financial collapse your savings would be fully refunded.

What does it cost me to save my money?

There is no cost to join Keep Credit Union, and no annual fees to maintain your membership.

In exceptional circumstances, we will charge administration fees: We charge an annual fee on dormant accounts. Our purpose is to encourage members to save regularly, and we rely on member accounts to succeed. Accounts which become inactive are subject to a £20 per year admin fee. We’d prefer to avoid charging, so we’ll do our best to contact you and restart regular payments. If that isn’t possible, you may decide to close your account and seek a more suitable service elsewhere. We charge a £5 admin fee should you close your account within the first six months of membership.

How much interest (“dividend”) will I earn?

The interest rate is decided at the Annual General Meeting following an audit of year-end profit. It’s called a dividend because our members own our credit union and so the interest you earn is actually a share of the profits and success of Keep Credit Union. Any dividend paid is calculated based on the average daily balance, just like bank interest.  But unlike bank interest it is not guaranteed to be paid every year, instead profits may be invested in improving member service.

How much can I save?

Regulations restrict our members from holding more than 1.5% of the total shareholding, so we must currently cap individual holdings at £45,000. And we only pay dividends on the first £10,000 saved. We’ll contact you to advise when you’re approaching either of these limits.

Can I access my savings if I have a loan?

Yes. We give our members as much choice as possible when managing their money, so borrowers only need to keep in their savings account enough to cover one loan repayment, plus £1.

How do I access my savings?

To withdraw money you’ve been saving, notify us online, through our mobile app, by email or letter through the post. We’ll transfer your money to your nominated bank account.

Savings are returned to you by transfer to your nominated bank account. Under normal circumstances, bank transfers are complete within 24 hours of receipt of your request (not including weekends).

How often can I access my savings?

Our goal is to help you build up savings over time through regular deposits. By saving routinely, consistently, each pay period you’ll quickly accumulate the money you need – for a holiday, a gift or an emergency expense such as car repairs.

We have no fixed rule to limit access, although, as a guide, the average is three times a year. Your Keep savings account isn’t meant to be used as a current account or for regular bill paying, and administering many, frequent withdrawals becomes costly to our membership as a whole. If it seems your withdrawals become noticeably frequent, we’ll contact you and work with you to determine an amount you can continue to pay in affordably and manageably so your savings can grow.

Do I have instant access to my savings?

Yes. You can withdraw your money at any time. We do require you to keep £1 in your account to keep it open, and, if you have a loan, enough to cover the next loan repayment.  Members are encouraged to avoid frequent (monthly) withdrawals.

Can I change the amount I save?

Yes. You can alter the savings amount deducted from your payroll; just contact us by phone or email to choose how much you wish to save and we’ll make the adjustment for the next
available pay period.

Similarly, if you pay in by standing order simply make the adjustment through your bank and let us know you’ve changed your monthly savings deposit.